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It takes a village to raise a child

Community – Teachers and educators

Teachers and educators

We know you do care for your students. We know you try to keep up with the latest educational developments, training yourself to give them the best education possible, to innovate in your classroom, to include digital competences, entrepreneurship, innovation. However, we also know is not always easy.

In NEMESIS, we work with teachers and educators to develop materials so students become more socially aware and innovative. The project has developed a step-by-step guide on how to implement a co-creation lab, and examples and good practices for inspiration. It has also provided a guide for digital storytelling techniques and an online platform for you to engage with social innovators – and with other educators with a shared interest in introducing social innovation education. NEMESIS also aims to address the organisational challenges faced by schools when testing new educational practices. Read our Welcome Package for Schools for further information.

“I want my students to believe that they can make a difference in the world, that they can be happy and the authors of their own knowledge. And I want to be there to help them find the way”

Aline Santos
Teacher, AEMaia (Portugal)

Community – Social innovators

Social innovators

Are you a social entrepreneur? An NGO leader? Member of a social movement? Have you ever consider to share your experience with students?

Many social entrepreneurs don’t consider themselves as innovators, especially if they are not coming from the business sector, but they are. And their vision and experience are of great value for students, that can get the inspiration they need in order to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

By joining NEMESIS, you will have the opportunity to inspire others. You will join other like-minded social innovators and work closely with teachers and students. You will get involved in the development of educational projects linked to real sustainability and community challenges. You will get to know the students and to provide mentorship, both in person and via an educational online platform. Read our Welcome Package for Social Innovation Practitioner

“Would you like seeing more social innovators? Can you image a future where everyone does something to make the world a better place?”

Natasha Athansiadou
Founder, Generation Generous

Community – Policymakers


“We need to move forward to a different form of education, new ways of connecting local society, schools and universities. This project can offer new partners, new ideas and new ways to connect for understanding the problems of education and take action.”

Nikos Amanatidis
Teacher and project manager at the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia

There is a growing awareness that entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and attitudes can be learned and in turn lead to the widespread development of entrepreneurial mindsets and culture, which benefit individuals and society as a whole.

The development of the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations has been one of the key policy objectives for the EU and Member States for many years. The European Commission first referred to the importance of entrepreneurship education in 2003, in the European Green Paper on Entrepreneurship in Europe. By 2006, the European Commission had identified a ‘sense of initiative and entrepreneurship’ as one of the eight key competences necessary for all members of a knowledge-based society. In 2016, the Commission published the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, defining what entrepreneurship as a competence is, and aiming at establishing a bridge between the worlds of education and work to foster entrepreneurial learning.

NEMESIS delves deeper into this by developing an educational model that bring this definition into practice and that not only takes into account the educational model but the organisational changes needed in school and policy in order to make it possible. The project will develop an organisational change guide, a cross-cultural assessment of teachers’ needs and policy recommendations to foster entrepreneurial education. It will also organise a policy roundtable to debate these topics. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the project’s development.

Community – Researchers


NEMESIS is an Innovation Action funded under a Co-Creation Call on H2020 focused on Education and Skills to empower Europe’s young innovators. NEMESIS also shares a Responsible Research and Innovation approach, meaning all partners and stakeholders are equally important in creating the NEMESIS educational model.

Even if not purely research, some of the project deliverables and developments could be of your interest as a researcher on social innovation or education (or both). The project will develop a framework on social innovation learning, a guide on developing a co-creation lab, a cross-cultural assessment of teachers’ needs and a set of recommendations to foster organizational change in schools.

You may want to use NEMESIS as a source of information or case study for your research, or have any interesting input to share. If that is the case, feel free to contact us. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get notified on project developments and deliverables.

“The whole aim of the project is how we can create materials for teachers and students that will encourage them to become more socially aware and innovative, and foster their participation in the society. And the way of doing that is via the co-creation labs, where all participants are equal contributors.”

Aristidis Protopsaltis
Researcher at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität and NEMESIS project manager


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