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We bring together education and social innovation 

Educational model – Co-creation labs

Co-creation labs

Co-creation labs are the basis of the NEMESIS educational model, an open environment where different stakeholders gather together with a common goal: collaborate towards the identification of local community based challenges with the potential to be transformed in a project based learning opportunity.

The activities to be carried on the co-creation labs will be based on participatory design techniques. They will be implemented by teachers with the support of the consortium partners. Participants will consist on students, parents, teachers and social innovation practitioners. A specific methodology will be developed and a guide on how to establish a co-creation lab will be published.

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Educational model – Design principles

Design principles

Co-creation of knowledge and collaborative thinking

In the co-creation labs, knowledge emerge from meaningful engagement with others, rather than being defined just by the experts. The model values students’ skills and abilities as much as those of teachers and entrepreneurs.

Social dimension
of innovation

Innovation alone is not enough. What matters most is its impact in society. NEMESIS is about stimulating students into become critical thinkers, so to be socially aware and innovative.

Link to real life

Social innovation is about finding creative solutions to community and sustainability challenges. Link with local context is key. NEMESIS promotes a project based learning approach, boosted by the involvement of actual social innovators who can share their own experiences.

Educational model – Open learning platform

Open Learning Platform

The open learning platform provides resources to teachers and educators interested in applying the model. There they can find practical information, good practices, and online courses for their professional development.

The platform also works as a hub for educators and social entrepreneurs to be part of an online community of like-minded people interested in education and social innovation. 

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