20 Feb 2018

About – The project

20 Feb 2018

The project

NEMESIS is a project to create and test an educational model to bring social innovation philosophy to primary and secondary students. For three years, thirteen members from seven EU countries will work together to develop a model that embeds the competences and philosophy of social innovation into schools.

How to do so? By creating materials, resources and networks to help educators add social innovation principles to their teaching practice. Our approach is fundamentally practical: the project includes education and social innovation experts but also social entrepreneurs and schools who carried out a first pilot between September 2018 and June 2019.

We are currently looking for teachers and social innovators who want to join us for the second pilot that will be carried out from September 2019.

NEMESIS stands for “Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills”. It is also the name of a Greek goddess of distributive justice.

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