20 Feb 2018

About – Objectives

20 Feb 2018


At the end of the project, NEMESIS is expected to have involved at least 200 social innovators. We expect to create around 50 educational resources for teachers and educators, and at least 130 projects developed by students. Seven schools will participate in the first pilot, while another twenty are expected to join for the second one, meaning we expect to directly engage 400 students and 100 teachers, and over 5000 students and 2000 teachers in an indirect way.  

1. To develop a framework for teaching social innovation skills by combining innovative pedagogies and learning models, the philosophy of open technology, and participatory relations and processes.

2. To design a methodology that brings together students, teachers, parents and education experts with social innovators to collaboratively design educational projects and collaborate to solve real community and sustainability challenges.

3. To create an European community of social innovators willing to engage with the students, building bridges between education and innovation communities.

4. To develop an open learning platform with useful resources to educators interested in testing/adopting the model.

5. To give useful resources and tips to break down organizational barriers and facilitate the adoption of the model.

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