Nicolás Orera Migliaccio, Alumni at CEIP Los Albares: “In NEMESIS we had to use our brains”
26 May 2021

Nicolás Orera Migliaccio, Alumni at CEIP Los Albares: “In NEMESIS we had to use our brains”

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26 May 2021

What do you especially remember about NEMESIS? 

Among my best memories is the fact that we could propose new things and that everyone was eager to participate because you had a good time and at the same time we changed things that could be improved at the school.

How does NEMESIS differ from other activities you did at school? 

In NEMESIS we had to use our brains while other extracurricular activities were more physical.

What was the role of adults at Co-Lab meetings?

Mainly the adults were supportive but the important ideas came from us, from the students.

Would you improve something if you had to do it again?

I would set up a Box for Ideas so that the ideas of all students are taken into account and not just those of the representatives of each group. I would also, although it is more difficult, increase the number of Co-Lab sessions or make a standard form to plan in advance because a lot of time was lost at the beginning and at the end of each session.

Do you think that some of the things you have learned in NEMESIS is coming in handy now that you’ve become a secondary education student? 

Well, creativity and thinking, because NEMESIS helps you think a lot. I spoke to the Headteacher about NEMESIS and we want to launch it here. The Headteacher is also my Language teacher. This is a busy time of the year for her but as soon as she has some spare time we will talk about it. 

What would NEMESIS look like in your high school? 

I would start by creating an ecological brigade because there are always a lot of rubbish in the schoolyard. I would also propose the creation of mini-projects. For example, if you are interested in Technology, propose a project from this area. We have to talk about it in advance with the Headteacher but I think it’s possible. 

In what area would you be interested in creating a project? 

Well, look, I got an idea that can help disruptive students or those who are a little disoriented or who sometimes lose their temper. Normally students who misbehave are sent to pick up trash, do the cleaning, and so on. What I would do would be to create a vegetable garden at school and entrust these students with the mission of taking care of it. I think they will feel better and that later that will be also seen in the classroom. 

In NEMESIS, your opinions counted a lot. What’s your feeling about student’s voice at your secondary school? 

In general, teachers are very supportive. But sometimes your peers react badly when you bring up an idea they don’t like. You feel a bit spooked in a certain way and you become more reluctant to raise things because there are colleagues who boo at you. 

And this in NEMESIS did not happen? 

No, there were disagreements, of course, but contributions were always made to improve the idea. In high school, some people have trouble saying things with respect.  

Are you involved in some projects now were you work in teams or have contact with adults other than teachers? 

They recently launched a contest on COVID19 and the language teacher encouraged us to participate by creating a newspaper. We came up with the idea in groups to interview doctors, grandparents. So, yes, that’s work we do with outsiders.  

Did you apply some of your NEMESIS experience to this project? 

Organizing ourselves, that is something from NEMESIS that I didn’t realise we had in us.

Are you still in contact with CEIP Los Albares and what they are doing at NEMESIS?

Yes, my sister is in 5th grade and she is telling me how the project is going. 

What advice would you give to the colleagues who have taken witness of NEMESIS? 

That all ideas deserve some attention, that you don’t have to say no the first time. And that by working together and pooling all our ideas, it is possible to advance much faster and to do everything much better.  

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