Daniel Santolaria Moreno, Alumni at CEIP Los Albares: “The good thing about NEMESIS was that everyone cooperated”
26 May 2021

Daniel Santolaria Moreno, Alumni at CEIP Los Albares: “The good thing about NEMESIS was that everyone cooperated”

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26 May 2021

What do you especially remember about NEMESIS? 

I left with the feeling of having collaborated in something important and with seeing your work transformed into school things, for example the wheel track. Seeing all those projects come true and being part of those who were chosen to start NEMESIS because this had not been done before in school.

You were involved in NEMESIS during your 2 last years at school (Y5, Y6)  Did you notice any changes in the way the project unfolded?

We noticed many changes in the importance we had. Before NEMESIS our opinions were important but we did not have a say in the choice of topics that were discussed.. 

Do you mean that you had more capacity to propose things and carry them out?


What did you think of the idea of ​​working alongside parents and other adults at the Co-Lab meetings?

I attended those meetings and I think that the involvement of families is very positive. It is another way of bringing adults together and they brought different points of view from those of the teachers and students.

Would you improve something about the project? 

I can’t think of anything to improve but I would try to get the word ouit because there were only a few schools involved.

Now that you are in secondary school, do you see any connections to the NEMESIS project? 

As a class representative I participate in meetings with others but it has nothing to do with NEMESIS. I am also a member of the Childhood Council at La Puebla and that looks a bit more like NEMESIS because the goal is to give a voice to young people. 

When did you join the Children’s Council of La Puebla de Alfindén? Why? 

I joined the council just after finishing my participation in NEMESIS. I decided to participate in the council because, in my opinion, it is very interesting that young people have a say on the issues that concern us. What you get from participating in initiatives such as NEMESIS or the Children’s Council is a sense of responsibility, leadership for some things, values ​​that do not bring you other things

Could you give us an example? 

For example, in the school you are responsible to do your homework and study but in NEMESIS or in the Council the responsibility is different. One is academic but this one is more about working. 

Do you think that NEMESIS could be transferred to your secondary school? 

You can do something similar but not at the same speed. At secondary school putting ideas into action is a bit more complex. At school it was easier to come up with proposals. 

Would you say you can be proactive and come up with ideas now? 

Yes, we can come up with our own ideas, but the good thing about NEMESIS was that everyone cooperated. We were aware that it was necessary to come up with proposals to improve what we had. But now, in high school, there is not that space or that motivation to think.  

Are you still in contact with NEMESIS in CEIP Los Albares? 

My sister is in 4th grade and she keeps me informed about the things they are doing

What advice would you give to your sister and fellow Nemesians at CEIP Los Albares? 

My piece of advice would be to always say what they think, that they do not keep anything because everybody is going to listen and suggest improvements until your proposal becomes real. There are many people who are capable and very intelligent but they do not participate. 

And why does this happen?  

I have never had difficulty in relating with others and launching proposals, but some people are really shy. NEMESIS has surely helped people who had some issues with making their opinions heard. Everyone could contribute something. 

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