22 Feb 2018

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22 Feb 2018


“We need to move forward to a different form of education, new ways of connecting local society, schools and universities. This project can offer new partners, new ideas and new ways to connect for understanding the problems of education and take action.”

Nikos Amanatidis
Teacher and project manager at the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia

There is a growing awareness that entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and attitudes can be learned and in turn lead to the widespread development of entrepreneurial mindsets and culture, which benefit individuals and society as a whole.

The development of the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations has been one of the key policy objectives for the EU and Member States for many years. The European Commission first referred to the importance of entrepreneurship education in 2003, in the European Green Paper on Entrepreneurship in Europe. By 2006, the European Commission had identified a ‘sense of initiative and entrepreneurship’ as one of the eight key competences necessary for all members of a knowledge-based society. In 2016, the Commission published the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, defining what entrepreneurship as a competence is, and aiming at establishing a bridge between the worlds of education and work to foster entrepreneurial learning.

NEMESIS delves deeper into this by developing an educational model that bring this definition into practice and that not only takes into account the educational model but the organisational changes needed in school and policy in order to make it possible. The project will develop an organisational change guide, a cross-cultural assessment of teachers’ needs and policy recommendations to foster entrepreneurial education. It will also organise a policy roundtable to debate these topics. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the project’s development.

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