We want “Best Spaces” in our school –  Maia’s Cluster of Schools
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We want “Best Spaces” in our school – Maia’s Cluster of Schools

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We started by meeting a Social Innovator who told us about his project: “Beequal”. This is a youtube channel. A group of people joined in and started creating videos to help students cope with difference and respect it. Its motto is “Be different, treat yourselves as equals.” Then we investigated several projects of Social Innovation and better understood what NEMESIS was about.

Our starting question for creating our Education for Social Innovation´s project was: “What can we do to make everyone at school feel happier?” We used OPERA to get to the subjects we wish to work with, highlighting two categories: the relationships and emotions; the physical spaces. Then we suggest several titles for our project, having selected our title by direct voting: Best Spaces.

In the first Co-creation laboratory we could count on the proposals of the parents, the Parents’ Association, the parishioners and the Municipality who greatly enriched our project, adding several good ideas. One of the proposals presented by Dr. Nuno Gomes, from Maia´s City Hall is to listen to the entire educational community: the students of other classes and their families, teachers, and employees. And that’s what we decided to do, presenting our initial question. Then we also presented our proposals. They were very varied and we built a map of ideas with the proposals that we considered most feasible, which again had to do with the two categories we had selected in OPERA: relationships and emotions; and physical spaces.

In the second Co-creation laboratory we divided the class into 2 groups and each group worked on the proposed activities in each of the categories, exploring the phases of Project-Based Learning. We are now working on a campaign to improve relationships and stimulate positive emotions. The Social Innovator has explained to us what the 7 main emotions are. And we are going to post several phrases that we created through all the school.  We decided that we would share the work with the other classes, asking each class to make with us a cloud with one of the phrases we chose. Then we will expel them for the school, and on each Friday they will change places so that they can be seen by all the educational community. Also in this lab we presented the idea that we wanted to have pickers and little broomsticks in each classroom and the parish council, present in the co-lab, is going to offer them to us.

And as soon as we finish this task, we will begin to deal with the orchard of our school, which is a very naked space, almost abandoned, to turn it into a space where everyone likes to be.