Steam Street – Abbey School, Rotherham UK
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Steam Street – Abbey School, Rotherham UK

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Abbey school in Rotherham, UK, a school supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, have come up with the idea of creating a ‘street’ in their school for their NEMESIS project.

‘Steam Street’ – an innovative experience

They have designed a street right in the centre of their school using one of the existing corridors to host a unique innovative experience for their children. Each shop will be sponsored by a local business that will provide their uniform and opportunities for work experience. The children already have George’s restaurant in Rotherham who have a passion in supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities. Fortem offer a strategic approach to the delivery of social value, transforming the lives of young people through apprenticeships and work experience and creating prosperity in local communities. They are currently supporting Abbey in finding business links and sponsors to support their project they have been working with the school since 2015. The school held a launch event on the 23rd of January where numerous companies were asked to pledge their support.

On the street there is a gym, boutique, radio station, café and a restaurant. Children are employed on the street have to complete a CV. The governors and senior leadership team will then interview the successful applicants for positions. The children will be paid in points in which they can spend in the boutique or in the café. If children choose to save their points they can have an afternoon out at the cinema or choose from a range of experiences. The children have an HR manager and if they require any time off they have to make sure they seek advice and support. Some of the children have already experienced redundancy and have had to apply for another position.

A project to challenge the statistics

The percentages facts of children with Special Educational needs in Rotherham – only 3% of children will be in paid employment and only 7% nationally. Abbey School are working towards changing these statistics and changing the lives and futures of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


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