01 Jul 2019

Teachers – how does it work

01 Jul 2019

How does it work?

Our tool for promoting a social innovation education approach are co-creation labs, open environments where parents, students, social innovators and teachers gather together to identify local community-based challenges.

It is a process that could be extra-curricular or not: depending on which approach do you choose:

If you decide to run a co-creation lab as an extra-curricular option you could access students through existing clubs or set up new provision.

If you are developing Social Innovation Education through the curriculum, you could have a small group of students who take part in the steps below and then communicate the idea and plans to the class, or you can have your whole classroom as your co-creation lab and everyone can be involved.

“For me NEMESIS is something important because it has improved the school and has taught us to take care of nature”.


Leyre Rafael
Student, Los Albares School 

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