Point of Departure – IES El Batán
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Point of Departure – IES El Batán

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Social innovation projects are emerging all around Europe: from the Common Bank of Knowledge in Seville to the Social Innovation Community at the international level. Simultaneously, feminism is taking a centre stage as a social movement and inside the political agenda. Gender equality and social innovation approaches have a lot in common: from the overcome of social injustice to the crucial role of citizenship’s power. Most of the feminist organizations are making social innovation without knowing it.

So what happens when we give students the opportunity to work in both fields? Point of Departure is a social innovation project created by students of the Aesthetics and Beauty VET Track at IES El Batán, located in Mieres (Spain). The main goal is to raise awareness about gender violence among adolescents.

How did this group of girls tackle this challenge? In a first diagnosis phase to distinguish causes and effects, the students began examining the problem as a tree with many branches and roots.

The next step was to combine their skills as special effects make-up and professionals with the idea of ​​the project and seek collaboration so the message could reach as many people as possible. They applied make-up to transform themselves into gender violence victims.

To communicate the project, the group produced the following video, that went viral in a few days. Their project was featured in the regional newspaper, “La Nueva España” and on the regional TV channel. The video was made following our Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling (the guide will be uploaded soon).

Currently, the girls’ group is working on a new video. They are also preparing a workshop for the children of the Felechosa Primary School. 

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Mieres (Spain)

The project is made thanks to the the support of many contributors: the school, Valnalón and all NEMESIS project partners, people from the local women’s shelter and support centres, Silvia and Paloma, two promoters of Gender Equality, monitors and kids from the El Camín Youth Association, the Association against domestic violence, students and faculty of IES Sanchez Lastra Secondary School, the City Council of Mieres, Felechosa and Campomanes Primary Schools and the Teis de Vigo Secondary School.

Do you want to contact this school? Write to ivan[at]valnalon.com