Oxygen for all! – Eleftherio-Kordelio School
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Oxygen for all! – Eleftherio-Kordelio School

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Located in Thessaloniki, 6th Primary School of Eleftherio-Kordelio is an intercultural school which consists of roughly 290 students of multicultural backgrounds with a strong desire to make the world a better place. This is their second NEMESIS project (see the other one here).

The school is located in an industrial area in Western Thessaloniki. Here, air pollution has reached very high levels. Gas, petroleum and other toxic odours are being inhaled daily by citizens. Stench is common. The pollution levels have become so high that they are seriously impacting the health of citizens, many of whom have reported discomfort, breathing problems, eye tingling and difficulty sleeping.

Given the above, students quickly decided that this is a topic they wanted to address, as it affects their daily lives. They want others to hear their concerns and join them in their mission. Consequently, they have already taken action, including making posters to be displayed around the city, protesting at the local factories and participating in environmental activity with other collectives.

They are also planning to address the pollution emitted from vehicles, since there is heavy traffic in the area. They will take on the role of “environmental traffic warden”, issuing “well being” fines with tips on how to reduce traffic.


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Thessaloniki (Greece)

Number of students
25 children of the 6th grade of the school (11-12 years old)

Members of co-creation lab

Do you want to contact this school? Write to nickaman4[at]gmail.com