Woodwork students build cat kennels for local retirement home – Lycée Professionel les Alpilles
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Woodwork students build cat kennels for local retirement home – Lycée Professionel les Alpilles

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Since September, the students of Lycée Professionel les Alpilles (Technical College) in France had been looking for a way to take part in their community as part of their social innovation project. This new NEMESIS school had also been thinking about who could benefit from their woodworking skills.

They eventually came up with an idea to build something that was suitable for their community: new cat kennels for the retirement home.

Existing cat kennels at the Crau Orpéa retirement home

Why this project?

It was meeting with the elderly residents of the Crau Orpéa retirement home that gave students the idea. The existing kennels were not in very good condition, so in order to meet the residents’ request and in some way alleviate their loneliness, the residents of the home and the students decided to work together on this project. The first visit, that happened on the 11th of January, allowed them to get to know one another and exchange ideas, and then agree on the idea for the project. All of this flourished in a space connecting two contrasting worlds: what a wonderful encounter!


The students get to work: taking measurements at the retirement home


The next step for this project: the residents of Crau Orpéa will visit the workshop in the school on the 11th of February to see how the students work with wood and give them design ideas.

We’ll find out more about this project soon…



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