The NEMESIS project that began with a beach clean up – Baléone, France
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The NEMESIS project that began with a beach clean up – Baléone, France

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Everything began on the shores of white sand and clear water that surround this little Mediterranean Island…

Two classes from this school in Baléone, France (11-12 year olds) began their NEMESIS project. The project, that will keep them busy all year, aims to transform their school and the local community.

As a way to encourage them to be conscious of their environment while discovering their surroundings with a different perspective, the students were sent to the beach with white overalls and big gloves to pick up rubbish.

On this sunny day, the students were feeling proud – proud to be of service to their community, and also proud to be wiser than the adults who had left their rubbish next to the bins without sorting it. Among bursts of laughter, the only competition between these students was who could pick up the most rubbish.

The students were also asked to do some research. They were asked to look for things that, if they had a magic wand, they’d like to change in and around their school.

So off they went, taking selfies along the way to show their friends afterwards, so that they could discuss their ideas after doing the research.

A collaborative effort with the whole school

Then, the eco-representatives from the older classes (14-15 year olds) came to collect the data and start a process of co-creation with OPERA.

The students worked in pairs, one boy and one girl where possible, and exchanged their ideas. They were to keep only three ideas: the best, the craziest and the most reasonable.

All of these ideas were then written on the whiteboard and each class voted on five of the best ideas. In total, ten ideas were kept, and these were posted in the school hallways in the form of referendum posters. Now, the whole school community must vote on their favourite ideas. The three elected ideas will be applied in the second phase of this NEMESIS project…



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