En Tu Piel – IES Valle del Huecha (Mallén)
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En Tu Piel – IES Valle del Huecha (Mallén)

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This NEMESIS project came about due to a student in the school having a visual impairment. This student, as well as the other students of IES Valle del Huecha, recognised that there were certain difficulties faced while finding some things around the centre.

The first steps

First, Class 3 (14-15 year olds) had a brainstorming session to try and come up with ideas for their project. Then, together with Class 4 (15-16 year olds), they held an activity to get to know one another and share opinions in pairs. After these activities, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to create something interactive to improve the life of their classmate, and of people with audiovisual impairments in general. They searched for a dynamic and effective way of improving the experience of this particular student and any student or person who comes to the centre with audiovisual difficulties. The students and teachers involved in the project came up with the idea of creating a series of QR codes.

The project begins

The first thing they did was to try and put themselves in the shoes of the student in question to try and understand the difficulties she faced on a daily basis finding her way around the school. Next, they analysed accessibility issues faced by people with similar difficulties. Then, the students drafted an outline of all the routes that would be included in the project, which they would later record guides for, linked to the QR codes.

The next step was creating a soundproof room to record the audios and videos that would be linked to the QR codes. To do this, they divided the activities among the students: collect egg boxes, empty the chosen room and soundproof it! They also came up for a logo for their project.

NEMESIS project logo

The next steps

One group of students are to be assigned the task of managing the social media and the digital storytelling for the project. Also, letters will be written for the town hall, district, and media in the area to send out and invite anyone who wants to collaborate on the project.


The students, teachers and collaborating staff of the NEMESIS project meet on Fridays during the second break to discuss the project’s advancements. The teachers have been attending ongoing training to be able to help as best as possible in this project and have met weekly to discuss progress and ideas to improve the project. These ideas are then discussed in the Friday co-labs with the students.


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