25 Jul 2018

SIPs – how does it work

25 Jul 2018

How does it work?

Our tool for promoting a social innovation education approach are co-creation labs, open environments where parents, students, social innovators and teachers gather together to identify local community-based challenges.

Participation can be adapted according to your availability: visits to the school, online mentoring sessions, or a combination of both. The team will help you choose the most fitting school according to your background

– Highlight different dimensions and examples of social innovation in relation to the sustainability challenges being discussed by the educational community

– Provide an overview of how a specific solution could be developed, implemented, and scale-up

– Support students in developing their presentations, awareness campaigns, business plan, etc

“I’ve been a mentor in schools for two years, and I’ve seen they don’t know anything about social entrepreneurship; for them is just big money. So it’s really important for them to get a different angle. Besides, it’s great fun to be with kids! ”

Alex Theodoridis
Co-founder, Boroume

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