NEMESIS project updates – Herringthorpe Junior School, UK
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NEMESIS project updates – Herringthorpe Junior School, UK

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Students from Herringthorpe Junior School in Rotherham have been working hard on their various NEMESIS projects. Children of all ages in the school, along with parents, teachers and members of the local community have come together to make these social innovation projects come to life.

Respecting Local Wildlife

The students looked at some of the issues happening right now with deforestation.

They discussed both the positives and the negatives, and recognised that animals in their local area are in danger due to people not recycling and their habitats being destroyed. Year 3 students came up with some great ideas about what their NEMESIS project could be.

The students wanted to help local wildlife, starting with the birds. They published letters to try and persuade the manager of local Clifton Park to allow them to put up bird houses.

Ideas to house and feed local birds

Then it was time to design their bird houses for the local park, using the grid method to calculate the area of the park. After a storm in South Yorkshire, the students considered that many birds lost their homes. They also created bird feeders to help feed the birds as part of the project.


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