Understanding the visual impaired (II) – Thessaloniki School
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Understanding the visual impaired (II) – Thessaloniki School

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The students of 1st Experimental Primary School of Thessaloniki took action! In the context of the project “Learning experience with persons with visual impairment,” a group of children in the fifth grade decided to create a stop motion movie, in order to emphasize the daily difficulties of people with visual impairment, to raise awareness among the local community and to challenge the inadequate facilities of the city council.

Furthermore, students in sixth grade decided to hold interviews with people with visual impairments who were living locally in order to find out what specifically could be done to help these people. This information that they gained from this could help the children see what they had to do to improve the situation of the visually impaired in their area. The student groups organized a visit to “School for the Blind”.

In the interviews, the children asked questions regarding the teaching methods used, or the Braille method as it is known. They asked about the special technical equipment and the daily transportation difficulties. Moreover, the children also interviewed the teachers there to ask for other information which they felt was relevant. The visit to “School of the Blind” was carried out in a friendly and amicable way. Students were given a book written in Braille as a gift for their visit. It was a unique experience for all of us, students and teachers alike.


Kyriakou Maria
Lazaridou Paraskevi