Bridges between generations – Maia’s Cluster of Schools
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Bridges between generations – Maia’s Cluster of Schools

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«Bridges between generations – teaching and learning»

The students of the 2nd year of the Elementary School n.1 of Gueifães (416 students and 25 teachers), imbued with the spirit of the NEMESIS project, took the first steps in the pursuit of their project «Bridges between generations – teaching and learning».

The theme of this project came from the students who mentioned the lack that some felt from their grandparents. Building on this idea, together with FreeHugs’ social innovators, students devised a set of ideas and measures that could help and perhaps mitigate the effects of the isolation and removal of older people from their younger counterparts. They realized that they had things to teach, in particular, related to new technologies, to the elderly, and at the same time they had the experience and knowledge to acquire with their elders. The teachers then came into contact with entities that could help in the development of the project: ASMAN, City Hall, Parish Council and Parents’ Association, who showed interest in helping, both in terms of ideas and in activities that were proposed by the students, in a laboratory of co-creation, in which all the protagonists were present. The project is already in the start-up phase, hoping that it will make our students more aware of social issues while promoting the development of innovation and proactivity skills.