Safe At Last – Rockingham J&I, UK
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Safe At Last – Rockingham J&I, UK

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Starting point 

As part of our class topic ‘Survival’, the children researched about the impact of homelessness within South Yorkshire and the UK. Alongside this, we have been reading our class text ‘The Outlaw’ which is a story about Robin Hood. We had discussions about whether Robin Hood was a good or bad person and why it is important to help people in our community. Our PSHCE sessions have been based around keeping healthy and our P4C sessions have been discussions around how COVID-19 has impacted different people. Furthermore, the children enjoyed these discussions and we felt this linked well with our ‘Survival’ topic therefore, we set the target to support young people who are less fortunate than us. 

Children’s ideas 

The children were keen to support the homeless over the winter period and wanted to focus on collecting donations and to include the Rockingham community. We discussed fundraising ideas but the children were more enthused about collecting donations. We decided to create a shoebox full of different items to support those less fortunate through the winter months.  

Community members 

We sent class emails to Kurt Sullivan, who works at Depaul Charity, who was involved with our NEMESIS project last year. Kurt helped us develop our ideas and suggested what donations to collect. Kurt took our donations for the Safe At Last charity who shared the donations with the young people they support who are homeless in South Yorkshire. Also, we looked at other charities which were more local to Rockingham and we gave some donations to the Kimberworth Park Food Bank who created hampers to give to families in need.


The children collected a huge amount of donations and shared them with young people around South Yorkshire and the local community.