Oxygen for all! (II) – Eleftherio-Kordelio School
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Oxygen for all! (II) – Eleftherio-Kordelio School

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Stench…Oxygen for us, for you, for all of us!


Our school, the 6th Intercultural Elementary School of Eleftherio-Kordelio Thessaloniki, is located next to the industrial area of Western Thessaloniki.

Air pollution has reached levels that create unwanted living conditions and especially stench.

Gas, petroleum and other toxic odours are being inhaled daily by the citizens. The situation has become tragic as it impacts seriously on the health of citizens… Many citizens have reported discomfort, breathing problems, and tingling of their eyes. They cannot sleep at night!

The children have decided to undertake a series of awareness-raising activities on the critical problem of environmental pollution and odors in Eleftherio-Kordelio.


  1. Making posters and displaying them in central locations in the city. Children want to send out a loud message through the magic of painting to highlight the serious problem of environmental pollution.
  2. Posting messages on tree branches in the public spaces of our Municipality.“No more pollution! We cannot stand it! Do Something!”, “We Suffer! Help!”,”We cannot even open the windows in our classrooms!”
  3. Protest at the factories. We daily inhale the black-and-yellow smoke that is released from the factories and comes to us from the windows of the halls of our school. Anger pushes all children to raise their voices together and to gather united outside the factories in the region.
  4. Environmental traffic wardens. The children take on the role of a local environmental police force that aims to raise awareness amongst the public on issues of respect for daily travel on the streets of the area.


  • Virtual fines (tabs with feelings, tips, prompts, etc.) on vehicles that prevent pedestrian traffic in order to reduce the use of cars for daily journeys.


  1. Zumba in Kordelio, I have the right to breathe and live. Teachers and students study modern choreography by wearing medical masks in order to communicate the right to live and take exercise in a healthy urban environment.


  • Choreography with medical masks and participation in environmental actions of our Municipality.


Whatever we do, we do it with our hearts!


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