NEMESIS in Edumeet, Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change


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NEMESIS in Edumeet, Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change

On December, 4th, NEMESIS was presented in Edumeet, the International Congress on Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change. Congress was designed under the idea that many present realities mean valuable conditions for improving future learning, and that these useful experiences can be transferable.

The Edumeet Conference was thought a space-time to share transferable experiences that allow us to rethink the future of education and the university, establishing a new contract with the world. In its first edition, Edumeet proposed to look at our reality, in search of contexts where research and innovation are generated from any field: technology, science, design, collaboration or entrepreneurship, from any formal or informal practice.

The experience of NEMESIS appeared as an example of new teaching-learning methodologies: trends, tools, agencies and contexts that can anticipate the future of education. Berta Lázaro, one of the speakers, highlighted from NEMESIS the importance that collective responsibility takes within the project, as a learning instrument for social transformation.

Edumeet is an initiative led by the Architectural Design Department ETSAM – UPM. The current edition of this congress is organized in collaboration with the Javeriana University of Bogotá.

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