EYFS – Rockingham J&I, UK
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EYFS – Rockingham J&I, UK

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We started in the year 2019/2020 with the idea and concept to further support our local community and families to ensure that we try and contribute towards minimising poverty and hunger issues. During the year we have set up an accessible food bank donation station within our FS1 provision that parents and carers from across the whole school can drop off any donations. 

We have worked closely with our local Co-op food store in the village as well as with a lovely lady who lives in the community who heard about what we were doing and then has donated over £300 towards our food bank and hampers for some of our families. 

We have liaised and supported a local homeless charity Shiloh donating food parcels, clothes donations and money. We have promoted the charity on our school website and through regular newsletters and bulletins.

During the winter of 2020, we decided to start a get warm for winter coat appeal and encouraged any parents/ children to donate their unwanted coats so that any child/ adult could have access to a warm coat during the winter. We had some families within our school ask for a coat donation and the rest we took to the local charity shop for other families to make use of. 

As an extension of all the work, we have and continue to do to support our local foodbanks and families. The children’s interests during the last term around animals has led us on to thinking about our local wildlife and how we can help protect them and keep them safe. As an extension to the No poverty theme we have in 2021 started to look at how we can support the local wildlife. We have participated in the big school bird watch week and looked at varying birds that we might have within our community. The children made their own bird feeders and had fun exploring ways to keep helping our local community and environment. 

Below are some pictures we have captured along the way. We are continuing for the rest of the year to support any local charities and fundraising events in order to continue to make a difference, reduce poverty, world hunger, and look after our local environments and wildlife.