Co Creation Lab Meeting reflections – Rockingham School
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Co Creation Lab Meeting reflections – Rockingham School

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On Tuesday the 15th of January we held our second Co-creation meeting to discuss how we plan to move project ‘525’ forward. Last week we outlined our project –


Project 525 is the renovation of the old caretaker’s house which is based at Rockingham Junior and Infant school. The project is large scale and will involve quite a lot of work as the building is currently derelict. At our first meeting we had representatives from the Police, Council, Church, Community, Teachers, Parents and Children we discussed how we can work towards the 2030 global goals through the use of the site. We have planned to use the site for multiple purposes:

Here are some of the suggestions discussed and reflections by the children –

-Food Bank run by the children,

– Mind Youth Base

– Youth Club,

– Education,

– Special Educational Needs

– Social, emotional and mental health needs,

– Community groups,

– Parenting

All ideas came from all stakeholders, everyone had a common goal of working towards competency one, a vision for a better world. We discussed many problems/issues and potential solutions for some of the problems in our local community. Such as crime, vandalism, burglary, gangs, road safety, internet safety, environmental issues, damage etc

At this weeks meeting we moved this forward and our Social Innovation practitioner and Architect Ben Liddle will begin to design and build a model of the house with the children, they will be looking at safety of the site, layout and necessities such as toilets, kitchen and different spaces/zones for the children to use.

Everyone involved are working towards set competencies which were agreed by all stakeholders –