NEMESIS in Greasbrough Primary School – Rotherham, UK
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NEMESIS in Greasbrough Primary School – Rotherham, UK

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During this term, the children and staff at Greasbrough Primary School have continued to work extremely hard to improve their school and community. 

Foundation Stage NEMESIS Project: Key Workers

We have been learning about different job roles as part of our topic ‘What Will I Be When I Grow Up?’ We have learnt that lots of people help us by doing their job. We are going to create some artwork and write letters to people who have been ‘key workers’ during the pandemic to say thank you.

We will be sharing our work with staff at Morrisons and Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, among others.

Key Stage One  NEMESIS Project: Developing our outdoor classroom 

Our class Nemesis project aims to improve our school grounds by creating an outdoor classroom for Key Stage One. 

The children in Key Stage One started their project by discussing what was currently in our school grounds and how we could improve them. They were then challenged to create a map of their outdoor area as part of their remote learning. 

Now the children are contacting local businesses who can help them develop their ideas and support them with accessing the materials they need to bring their designs to life! 

Y3B NEMESIS Project: Nursing Home

As part of their topic Year 3B is looking at how to support their local community and working building relationships with our elderly. Our school took part in a national drive to boost the morale of those isolated in care homes over Christmas. These were then taken to the nursing home to be distributed amongst the residents along with some breakfast items. Children then stood outside the care home and sang ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’

Over Easter we will continue to build relationships with our care homes and look at how we can support them.

Y34L  NEMESIS Project: Road Safety

In the term leading up to our second national lockdown, the traffic around Greasbrough Primary School at the beginning and end of the school day steadily increased. We have decided to try and do something about it! 

The children and their parents are now going to look at ways in which they could improve the traffic in the local area. They hope to improve the safety around our school as the year goes on. Watch this space… 

Y45B NEMESIS: The Greasbrough Park Project

Last year, Y4 at Greasbrough Primary School started a project to support their local park. This year the park received some incredible news as they gained a Green Flag Award. Children and staff made sure that their learning was on display in the park to demonstrate how they were involved to those visiting the park and have continued to help keep the park tidy. 

Our new Year 4/5 children are now looking at ways to continue to improve their local area. While remote learning, they have been asked to visit their park and have a look at what they could see. They reflected upon what was already in their park and who might visit before being asked to think about ways that they could improve. 

The children have now started to look to the next improvements they wish to make and how they can make their parks a safer place to play. Once again, we will be working with The Friends of Greasbrough Park and Rotherham Park Rangers and are hoping we can all meet again in person soon! 

Y56AG NEMESIS: Donation

Last year, Y5 began a project looking at supporting local food banks by donating essential items. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the pandemic and the impact of lockdown, our partners have since closed their doors. Year 5/6 will now focus on how to create a sustainable donation centre in their school. 

Y6S NEMESIS: Wentworth Estate

As a link with science and our current topic, I have contacted children in the class to create a group to chair our project. It has been decided that we are going to look at contacting Greasbrough Fisheries and Wentworth Woodhouse at adding bird watching locations to Greasbrough Dams.

Whilst in its infancy, the children on the committee are enthralled by this opportunity. Watch this space…