Introducing children to NEMESIS – Herringthorpe Junior School
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Introducing children to NEMESIS – Herringthorpe Junior School

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Children at Herringthorpe Junior School started their NEMESIS journey by sharing experiences, ideas and solutions between themselves and members of the local community. After much discussion about what local challenges the children face, we decided to beginning to combat the plastic pollution problem, which appears to be a global issue, by designing and creating our very own ‘bags for life!’ The children thought about who they may need to contact in order to support the project further, therefore the children began to draft emails and letters to ask other members of the community for their help.

By conducting this meeting, the children had the opportunity to think about the wider community and how they could make changes to have a positive impact on the local area. They had to think about how they could support each other to achieve a common goal and how they could communicate effectively with the wider community.

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Rotherham, England