Meet our Social Innovation Practitioners
24 Apr 2018

Meet our Social Innovation Practitioners

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24 Apr 2018

In NEMESIS we are trying a social innovation education model for and with schools to empower the changemakers of tomorrow. For that to work, the combination of teacher and social innovators expertise is essential. In three years, we aim to develop a European social innovator community and engage around 200 SIPs (‘social innovation practitioners’, our code for social entrepreneurs). For starters, we are already working closely with four of them.

Alexandros Theodoridis

Alex is from Greece, although he studied in London and Germany -where he has family ties. In 2012 he funded Boruome with his friends Alia Moatsou and Xenia Papastavrou to connect those who had extra food to give away and those who needed it. Now, the non-profit provides food to over 600 charitable institutions, soup kitchens and municipal social services all over Greece. They also work with schools to create awareness regarding food waste, volunteering and giving, so Alex didn’t doubt when offered the opportunity to join NEMESIS.

“It’s great fun to be with kids and try to inspire them to do something nice with their life” 


Jordina Arcal

Jordina is from a village in Barcelona and graduated in Chemical Engeneering. However, she never really practised but joined a technological cluster as an innovation manager. Then, one day something made click: “after evaluating so many ideas I decided to try with my own”. She then founded HealthApp with his friend Jordi Cusidó, a company developing gamified apps to engage patients into the therapy and connecting them with healthcare professionals, providing real time data and analysis so they can adjust treatment for a better care.

“When I heard about the project it was like, ‘oh, you said the three magical words: social, innovation and teaching’. These three words are like music for me”


Natasha Athanasiadou

Half Greek, half English, Natasha was once a successful fashion executive. Then, during a visit to a factory in East Asia, she came face to face with the conditions of people working for large fashion companies. She went back, quit her job, and founded Generation Generous, a company producing sustainable bags and providing consultancy for fashion industries interested in sustainable models. Amazing, right? Visit her TEDx talk to listen to the whole story.

“Can you imagine a future where everyone does something to make the world a better place?”


Sam Khebizi

Sam is founder and director of Les Têtes de L’Art, a French organization based in Marseille and working at the crossroads of culture, informal education and social and solidarity-based education. He is also an actor and dramaturgue passionated about education and arts, and how the combination of both can help us reflect on the challenges and problems of our world.

“If you mix education with social innovation and the tools coming from the art field, you can do amazing things” 


Would you like to be one of our social innovation practitioners? Inspire students? Read more about how to join in our dedicated section.


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