Introducing NEMESIS schools
03 Sep 2018

Introducing NEMESIS schools

In NEMESIS we like to dream big.

03 Sep 2018

In NEMESIS we like to dream big. By the end of the project we expect to have more than 20 schools involved, around 150 projects developed by students, and 50 educational resources for teachers and educators. However, every dream has a beginning, usually a small one by a group of brave pioneers whose implication and commitment are essential to succeed. Those pioneers are our pilot schools:

Aline Santos

AEMaia (Portugal)

Located in the city of Maia, very close to Porto, AEMaia is a cluster of four primary and secondary schools with around 3000 students and 260 teaching staff. Our leading contact there is Aline Santos, the international coordinator; but also Luis, Raquel, Ana and many other teachers that will engage in the project as we go along, adding their experience and expertise.



Los Albares (Spain)

A primary school located in La Puebla de Alfidén, a small village of 6000 inhabitants near Zaragoza, Los Albares has 30 teachers and 485 students. Principal Ana Echevarría is our main contact here, together with Lisa Harrison (Los Albares is a bilingual school), Marta Lombardo and others. They have a strong commitment with cooperative learning and engagement with their community, making them a perfect fit within NEMESIS.

Ana Echevarría


Jane Fearnley

Herringthorpe School (UK)

Primary school with 13 teachers and 360 students aged 7-11 years old. Located in South Yorkshire, UK, it has students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our main contacts are Louise Greenwood, schoolhead, and Jane Fearnley, executive headteacher of Willow Tree Academy – a four school cluster Herringthorpe belongs to. Together with them are Marie, Faye, and many more. An amazing team with lots of experience in enterprise education and REAL projects.

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