Being meaningful to your community
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Being meaningful to your community

In this project, secondary students (12-13 years


In this project, secondary students (12-13 years old) learnt how to be added value for social organisations in their community. They start by watching a film about different (social) organisations from their own city, made by older students from the same school who have already visited them and learnt about their needs. Based on these films, students select an organisation for which they want to do something and set up a meeting to meet and develop ideas.

During the planning stage, students receive different workshops by local entrepreneurs (on brainstorming, networking, budgeting…) to help them planning and strategizing. Throughout the duration of the project, students regularly present their plans to the organisation they are working for, so they have the opportunity to give feedback. At the end of the project all students present the final product to the organisation, and to parents, teachers and fellow students.

In the past, students developed a website with videos for elderly people about how they can submit complaints digitally. These films gave the elderly step by step instructions on how to report their complaints on the website of the housing corporation. The students also developed a leaflet describing where and how the elderly can watch the instruction films. This helped solving an existing problem detected by a housing cooperation organisation: especially older people had a lot of problems with the digital submission of complaints about their home.

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Secondary school – first year and third year students
Local NGOs and organisations (a fitness center, a housing corporation, the school of the students, a food bank)
Local entrepreneurs and experts

– This project stimulates the development of students’ social innovation skills in a real social context, so they learn to work together with an organisation, and about the organisation itself, (their goals and working methods).
– Local entrepreneurs and experts involved also give support and feedback to the student’s projects.
– Involving media made sure the community got familiarity with the project. Media can also support schools to get experts and entrepreneurs who can help with some parts of the project (workshops / feedback student’s plans).