Introducing NEMESIS schools


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Introducing NEMESIS schools

In every journey there is a a group of brave pioneers whose implication and commitment are essential to succeed. Those are our schools. We are already looking for more schools to be involved, so keep an eye on this – we will be updating!


Aline Santos

AEMaia (Portugal)

Located in the city of Maia, very close to Porto, AEMaia is a cluster of four primary and secondary schools with around 3000 students and 260 teaching staff. Our leading contact there is Aline Santos, the international coordinator; but also Luis, Raquel, Ana and many other teachers that will engage in the project as we go along, adding their experience and expertise.


Ana Echevarría

Los Albares (Spain)

A primary school located in La Puebla de Alfidén, a small village of 6000 inhabitants near Zaragoza, Los Albares has 30 teachers and 485 students. Principal Ana Echevarría is our main contact here, together with Lisa Harrison (Los Albares is a bilingual school), Marta Lombardo and others. They have a strong commitment with cooperative learning and engagement with their community, making them a perfect fit within NEMESIS.


Jane Fearnley

Herringthorpe School (UK)

Primary school with 13 teachers and 360 students aged 7-11 years old. Located in South Yorkshire, UK, it has students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our main contacts are Louise Greenwood, schoolhead, and Jane Fearnley, executive headteacher of Willow Tree Academy – a four school cluster Herringthorpe belongs to. Together with them are Marie, Faye, and many more. An amazing team with lots of experience in enterprise education and REAL projects.

¿Conoces a nuestros innovadores sociales?

Para que el modelo educativo de NEMESIS funcione, no solo se necesita la implicación del profesorado, también la de emprendedores sociales (en el sentido más amplio de la palabra: desde ONGs, a empresarios, a activistas ciudadanos). Durante estos tres años esperamos crear una comunidad Europea de emprendedores sociales dispuestos a trabajar con colegios. De momento, estos son algunos de las personas con las que trabajamos:

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Margherita Bagacilupo: “Las escuelas deben abrirse a su entorno”

“El emprendimiento es como la felicidad. Todo el mundo la busca, pero cada uno tiene una idea diferente de qué es”. La autora de la analogía es Margherita Bagacilupo, investigadora y analista de políticas públicas en el Joint Research Centre, que intenta explicar así la necesidad del EntreComp Framework, el marco de competencias del emprendimiento publicado por la Comisión Europea y del que es coautora.   

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NEMESIS partners meet in Seville

What is social innovation? Is it about finding imaginative solutions for social problems? About subverting power relations? About bringing systemic change? Is it the same that social entrepreneurship?  Trying to define social innovation was one of the challenges NEMESIS partners faced at our second project meeting, held in Seville.

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3, 2, 1… NEMESIS!

Fürth, Germany. October 10th 2017. Around twenty people from fourteen organizations across Europe meet for the first time. Some have known each other for years. For others, this is their first encounter. But we are all here for the same reason: to build a bridge between education and social innovation. Welcome to NEMESIS kick-off meeting!

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